Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Community Clinic

Thanks to our supporters we have been able to begin setting up our vision; a self-sustainable permanent clinic. The clinic will provide professional veterinary services for pets with loving homes and to the homeless ones as well. The income that is gained from the clinic's services will go directly to fund the programs. People's pets will receive exceptional veterinary care and at the same time, contribute to the animals in need and the town of Sayulita. The Clinic also serves as the organization’s home base where the community services and programs will be facilitated and where we can be contacted.

The Clinic is a crucial part to the organization and its goals, without it we are limited in the help we can offer. Although the goal is to be self-sustainable, we are in the preliminary stages and need as much support as possible. Please help us help the animals and the town of Sayulita.


luisa said...

Hi Girls... love your site, and the new clinic is looking great. Thank you for all your wonderful efforts and for the fantastic work you are doing with all the Sayulita animals. Keep up the great work!!

lucy said...

Congratulations on seeing a need and taking the steps to making a difference in this world.

Angelica said...

Congratulations, you are making my dreams come true! I can't wait to come and contribute.

Thanks for posting the "needs" list, I am going to post it at work so that I can elicit some donations.

Muchos abrazos y beson!

ElSantos said...

Hi Tamara & team. Congratulations on the great work! You should be very proud of what you're doing. Do you have suggestions on how people living outside of Mexico can help you with your "needs list"?

Also, I want to introduce you and your community to a new resource focused on collaborating for animal welfare: the Hope Animal Network. It is brand new, so it needs some promotion to really start working for you. Let me know what you think!