Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Animal Welfare in Sayulita

"Sayulitanimals" is taking animal welfare to a new level here in our beloved town of Sayulita, Mexico. After 10 years of performing spay/neuter clinics biannually organized by "Patas", we have joined forces to start an all year round organization that is dedicated to all the cats and dogs and their well-being. We are completely dependent on the support of the community and the tourists who come here to enjoy the beauty that Sayulita has to offer. Everyone that has been here is well aware of all the wonderful beach and street animals who deserve a life free of cruelty and suffering.

Our mission is "To educate people about animal welfare and to eliminate unnecessary animal suffering through various community programs, compassion and respect. We currently have 4 programs and will expand based on our level of support through donations and volunteers.

Our goals include:

To reduce overpopulation through free spay and neuter
To provide medical care and food to all in need (based on available funds)
To find loving homes for street/beach animals
To educate people about animal care and welfare
To promote respect and compassion within the community
To gain government support and have the power to act according to the animal rights laws

Whether you are an animal lover or not, our organization will not only help the cats and dogs but also benefit the entire community by creating a healthier, cleaner Sayulita. Please support us, without your contribution we are limited in the ways that we can help the animals as well as our beautiful town.

To donate:

In the USA- Wells Fargo 883-7080269 (For wiring instructions, please email sayulitanimals@hotmail.com)

In Mexico- Lloyds 252613-5 OR HSBC 40-4302124-5 Sucursal 1932 (Sara Briner)

In Canada- TD CanadaTrust 8972 3178764 (Tamara Edwards)

In Switzerland- Post Staefa 87-150122-6 (Perritos Merecen Mas)


Robin Freeman said...

I was just in Sayulita and was lucky enough to run into Sara on my last day there. Wow! I am so impressed by what your organization is doing. I know that to some it seems a monumental task, but every monumental task starts with someone making a decision to help.
When I arrived in Sayulita I was really struck by the number of dogs running loose. The lack of spaying and neutering were very apparent except I saw no puppies.
Sara told me they were usually abandoned somewhere; the forest, beach etc. I love dogs more than just about anything, just ask my kids :-) and because of that love I want to do whatever I can to support these people who are selflessly taking that step into change. I hope you will help as well.

Regards, Robin - Lucky companion to Abby and Luna. The sweetest of puppy girls.

nik said...

thank you all so much for this effort. I have just got back from Europe and was so saddened by the state of animal welfare in Spain, so reading what you are up to warms my heart. What a blessing.

sayulitadoctor said...

I'm also very happy of this clinic existing in Sayulita, it's a very nice thing to have! ;)

I've also written an Article on my blog about you guys, so I invite everyone to visit and leave a comment there ;)



Dr. Moy Cuevas

champ and moore said...

I am so thrilled you have started this organization I cannot tell you! We went to Sayulita last year and made a donation to the spay/neuter clinic at ChocoBananas. But since there was no animal sanctuary there, we did no more. Then we promptly fell in love with a three-legged sheepdog wondering around Captain Pablo's and I tried to take her home...alas (and happily) she had a good family already. I will send a donation right now. Do you take volunteers? We'll be there from April 25-May 2 and I would love to help you in any way. And if you haven't yet, let bestfriends.org know what you're doing so they can post about you. What you're doing is just fantastic. Congrats.

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